You have a Slow WordPress site? Your site taking too much time to openng? You are losing visitor? Your losing rank on search engine. We can help you to make it load faster and Boost WordPress Website Loading Time & Optimize Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix, Pingdom, ThinkwithGoogle and WebPageTest Scores.

Google has indicated site speed (and as a result, page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. Speed matters!

Optimization Service Includes:

✓ Minify JavaScript

✓ Minify HTML

✓ Avoid bad requests

✓ Enable gzip compression

✓ Enable Keep-Alive

✓ Inline small CSS

✓ Inline small JavaScript

✓ Leverage browser caching

✓ Minify CSS

✓ Minimize request size

✓ Optimize the order of styles and scripts

✓ Specify a cache validator

✓ Specify a character set early

✓ Remove query strings from static resources

✓ Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header

✓ Keep-Alive

✓ Enabling Website Page Caching.

✓ Enabling Browser Caching.

✓ Enabling GZip Compression.

✓ HTML, CSS & JS Minification.

✓ Removal of stale post revisions.

✓ Defer Parsing of Possible JavaScript Files

✓ Removal of Query Strings

✓ Enabling Keep-Alive & Vary PHP headers.

✓ Avoiding Bad Requests.

✓ Configuring ETags

✓ Minimizing number of http equests.

✓ Optimizing .htaccess or nginx.conf file

✓ Setting up a Content Delivery Network. (Optional)

✓ Image Optimization (Optional)

Briefing Details

In order to get started, we need following:

– WordPress Admin Credentials

– FTP and Hosting Control Panel Info.

You will get analysis report with the link to verify.