When I download a theme with Chrome, I get this warning: “themefile.zip is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.”
This has been part of Chrome for a few years now, but it can be annoying for many people. For our themes, you download them as a zip file, so if you have not downloaded zip files too often, you will get that warning notice. For our themes, you can select to keep it and allow the browser to download it.

When I install a theme, I get a message saying the stylesheet is missing.
This usually means that you tried to download the original package file and WordPress is looking for the style.css file. You have to extract the first download because inside that is the actual theme zip file that you install, which is where the style.css is found.

When I install your theme, it doesn’t look like the demo website.

This is because most themes on the net are setup to show what the capabilities and features a theme offers, so the demo site is only an example showcase of that theme. Also, if someone has an existing website with content, the last thing you want is to have a theme remove your content and replace it with demo content. Some theme sites do offer an import file that loads demo content, but this is very limiting because it does not create the site layout, widgets, or provide you with the settings and options that a theme or website will have.

I updated my theme and all my custom changes are now gone.
This is usually because you made custom changes to the theme files. When updating a theme, your theme files get overwritten with the new versions. This is why when making custom changes, you should use a child theme.

How come I cannot upgrade my free version with the pro version directly?
This is a technical thing to describe but the easiest way to describe it is that due to how WordPress functions in relation to their theme repository at the wordpress.org website, the auto update functionality of WordPress cannot differentiate the free to the pro if they are both named the same. If you overwrite the free version with the pro version files, and when there is an update to the free one at the WordPress site, it will overwrite your Pro version. Unfortunately, you will have to install the pro version as a separate theme.

However, there is a way that you could upgrade to the pro by overwriting the free version, but you will need a plugin like “Easy Updates Manager” to disable the WordPress update checker for themes (or that specific theme). If you use a plugin to disable the theme update function, you “should” be fine.

I cannot log into the Tortoiz Themes website.
This could be the result of entering the incorrect login information, or it could mean your membership has expired. It should also be noted that the Tortoiz Themes website has a function that disables your user account after 3 failed login attempts. If you find that you cannot log into this website, contact us with your username and we will look into this for you.

I do not have access to support or theme downloads because it says I need a membership.
You will normally see this if your membership has expired or if you are trying to access an area of the site that is not included in your current membership. If you feel this is in error, please contact us with your username.

Things in my website are not working anymore after we updated your theme.
If you know for sure that the update has caused things to go awry on your website, contact us with information about the theme you just updated, provide any errors or messages that show up, and a link to your website. We will try our best to find out if it was something with our theme. However, it’s strongly recommended that before you update/upgrade anything, whether WordPress, a plugin, or a theme, that you make a full back-up. It’s best to play it safe because unexpected things can happen.

How can I upgrade my current theme membership to the Premium or Forever Membership?
Log into the Tortoiz Themes website and then under the “Login” menu link, go to “My Memberships” where you can then upgrade from there. If you cannot find this or run into any problems, post your support request in the “Other Support” forum category.

My problem is not listed here.
If your problem is not listed and answered here, you can log into the support forum and post your questions and issues there. If for some reason you cannot log into the Tortoiz Themes website, you can then contact us directly with your username and we will first solve the issue of not being able to log into our site. Once we fix that, then you can log into the forum and post your support needs there.

**Our contact us form is not for theme support, but if you cannot log into our site, then you can contact with this method.