The first thing you need to create a website is a domain name, the domain is the address, suppose I want to call you, how do I call? Of course, by name, the web site is hosted on a specific IP which is difficult to remember so for easy remembering the IP is converted to a text which is known as a domain.


Then you will need hosting. Hosting is the space where the files of the website are stored. For example, you need memory to save files on your mobile. Similarly, hosting will be required to save the website files.

There are many types of hosting, such as shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server

Suppose you have a computer, you want to rent it. In other words, you rented it to someone, it means you rented the whole computer tie. This means that now if you consider it in the case of a server, he has bought a dedicated server from you. Now the person who bought it from you saw that his PC has a lot of space, RAM, and CPU resources after being unused. So he thought he would sell this unused resource to a few more people. So he created some virtual systems. Many of you have used multiple operating systems on the same PC using VMWare or Virtual Box but that is the case. He created some virtual systems and divided the whole computer into many parts. In each part, as desired, with RAM, CPU. Now those who are buying these shares from him are buying VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server. There are several types, such as OpenVZ, Xen Server, KVM, etc. But there are two main types:

  1. Dedicated resources 
  2. Shared resources

Suppose the main PC has 10 GB of RAM. You gave everyone 1 GB of RAM, but many do not need 1 GB of RAM and many need more than 1 GB. So the resource will be shared in the shared VPS. This means that if the resource is empty after your use, it can be used by other RAs. The main disadvantage of this is that even if you buy 2 GB of RAM, you will not get the full 2 ​​GB, you will get more or less. For example OpenVZ VPS

And you will get what you will be given in Dedicated VPS so others will not get a share in it or you will not get a share of others. E.g .: KVM VPS

Now suppose someone buys a VPS but sees that he doesn’t need the space given in the VPS, he is running with fewer resources. Then he divided the VPS into many more small pieces. And these are the shared hosting, it is the most sold in the world for the low price.

Some more terms:

Providers: who own and sell their own datacenters.

Reseller: Those who buy the service from the provider sell it to the general users in small portions.

What kind of service will you take?

This is a very complex question, one by one people will answer it one by one but I will do it as follows:

  • Shared hosting is best for personal blogs, small news, very small e-commerce sites, small corporate sites so that sensitive data is not exchanged. Prices are low, resources are low.
  • A fairly large site with 30-50 thousand visitors per day, a corporate site with a lot of visitors but not sensitive to normal work, medium-size eCommerce sites, news sites, or any site that does not want email or other limitations, they will take VPS.
  • Dedicated to large sites, or sites that share sensitive information.
  • Those who want to do a business of hosting, they can take reseller hosting or VPS, if the client grows, they will take dedicated.


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