There are several things to keep in mind before buying hosting. All the people who know well about websites have said to consider the following issues before buying web hosting.

1. Who needs such a server

Determine your budget before buying website hosting. Organizations whose websites receive a lot of visits a day and at the same time have thousands of visitors to the website usually have to buy a dedicated server. Dedicated servers cost between $50 – $150 per month. However, shared servers can be used for organizations that have a small number of visitors to the website and a small number of visitors at the same time. The cost of a shared server is also much lower. Shared server hosting can usually be purchased for only $50 per year. Shared servers are best for mid-range and small organizations.

2. Disk space

Disk space is to be calculated after the server. 500 MB to 2000 MB hosting is enough for personal and small websites. 2500 to 5000 MB of hosting is enough for the organizations that need to upload a little more pictures on their websites. Most of the experts said that in many cases it is seen that they are taking extra web hosting. However, in this case, it must be remembered that if you take more web hosting than necessary, there is no additional benefit, but some extra money is wasted by the user. Moreover, if more hosting space is needed later, there is an opportunity to increase the package.

3. Buy hosting by looking at the hosting provider

Before buying a domain and hosting, however, the quality of service of a good hosting provider should be verified. Otherwise, even if the desired service is not available later, there is usually nothing to do. And the website owner himself can’t fix it even if there is a problem because he doesn’t know the technical issues. Therefore, after purchasing hosting and domain, it is necessary to check whether the company will provide support for a certain period of time. And whether or not the user has to pay extra for support, or at least how much.

4. Control panel

Website Control Panel is required to make any changes to the website or to change any services. Domain Control Panel is also required to host the domain on another organization’s site. Therefore, you must have full control panel (username-password) of the domain and hosting from the organization from which you will get the service. Many organizations do not provide control panels to keep customers in their organization. Such institutions should be avoided.

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