Nowadays 90% of PHP based web scripts run on MySQL databases. And this database also needs some care. Fever is a small problem like cold but it stays in the database. It is possible to take good care of this MySQL database with phpMyAdmin. But for inexperienced people like me, this is very scary because the necessary information in the database can be erased by forgetting a little bit. Or running a SQL query as a hobby can be read in danger. Many people use PhpMyAdmin to back up databases. It is difficult to avoid danger without good possession.

Anyway, there is no benefit in talking so much. Let’s talk about work. Today I will talk about the care of the WordPress database. There are many plugins in WordPress Database Care that can optimize, repair (repair) the database and mail you with scheduled (regular) backups. Today I will talk about such a plugin. My personal preference is the WP-DB Manager. Let’s see what this plugin can do?

Features of the plugin:

  • Database Auto Backup
  • Database Repair
  • Database optimization
  • Restore backed up database
  • E-mailing the backed up database
  • Empty or delete a table

How to install?

Let’s know the installation method. Download the plugin and upload it to the plugins folder. Then create another folder named backup-db in the wp-content folder. Upload htaccess.txt inside wp-dbmanager to backup-db and rename it to .htaccess. Then activate the plugin.

The plugin is very easy to use. If you still have any questions, you can comment.


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