Welcome everyone back to today’s post. How are you all? Hope all is well in the infinite mercy of the great Creator. Stay well and keep the person next to you well. There are many people who have opened new blogs now can’t find Tools & Plugins for SEO. Thinking about this problem, I have brought you some collection of SEO Tools & Plugins for WordPress. I hope this will be useful to many of you. Then go to work without exaggerating

Site Map Generators

  1. google xml sitemap
  2. Image Sitemap
  3. Video Sitemap
  4. HTML sitemap
  5. Wp shopping cart xml sitemap

Optimize WordPress blog

  1. All in one seo pack
  3. SEO friendly image

Link Optimization

  1. SEO Smart links
  2. No self Ping
  3. Redirection
  4. Dean’s Permalink Migration


  1. SEO data transporter
  2. Seo tools

There are 20 free SEO submission websites as free


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