PHP is a server-side scripting language developed by Rasmus Lardorf in 1994. Which is specifically used to create any dynamic and interactive web development or web based software and web based applications. It is now also called General Purpose Programming Language. That is, everything that can be done with other programming languages ​​can be done with PHP. Also PHP is more popular with web programmers as it is open source. However, it is most commonly used for web development, web-based software and web-based applications. PHP also provides maximum security when storing information on the web. PHP can be used in conjunction with HTML. There are many advanced open source content management systems developed using PHP, Ex: WordPress, Joomla are created by PHP. Custom content management systems can be created using PHP. PHP is also widely used in e-commerce, management, online banking software, etc. PHP is a very popular language, according to w3techs, 82% of the world’s web sites use PHP in server side scripting. Currently 90% of freelancers in Bangladesh (i.e. those who work from home and abroad) work through PhP language.

What do I need to know before start learning PHP?

What are the things you need to know about computer programming before learning PHP? What is the web? What is the Internet? There should be ideas on databases, and MySQL etc. Without it, if you know HTML, CSS, you will enjoy learning PHP.

What kind of computer do you need to learn PHP? Which software needs to be installed?

The latest operating systems such as windows-7, windows-8, windows-10 or those that work on Linux, such as: ubuntu-15, ubuntu-16, ubuntu-7 should be a computer that supports any.

What other type of software do you need to install:

  1. Server software such as: XAMPP, WAMP, EasyPHP etc. All of these softwares are free and open source. And these softwares are basically the sum of everything you need for a web development environment setup.
  2. Code writing software such as: SublimeText, VS Code, Notepad ++, NetBeans, Aptana, Eclipse etc. All of these softwares are free and open source.
  3. And any browser to see the output, such as: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, safari, etc. Those who use Windows OS can continue working with the Edge browser.

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