Google Docs is an excellent document management system for both personal and commercial use. In Google Docs you can use the advanced editing tools for free and without any limitations. However, when you move the document from Google Docs to the WordPress website, you will face many problems, such as losing all the images and formatting of the document.

But now you don’t have to face this problem anymore because now with an add-on you can draft your Google Docs documents directly to WordPress website in draft form! How? I will show this method in this post.

What we need:

This add-on will require some requirements to work, which are given below:

For websites:

  • A Google Account to create documents and connect to the site
  • Any browser (but better with Google Chrome)
  • A website with administrator access

For WordPress websites with its own hosting:

  • A Google Account to create documents and connect to the site
  • Any browser (but better with Google Chrome)
  • Administrator access
  • Jetpack plugin must be installed and activated


To use the add-on on your WordPress website, you must first install the add-on. To do this, open the for Google Docs add-on page and install the add-on by clicking the INSTALL NOW button.

A Google Docs document will open and ask you for some permissions, directly continue and then click on the Allow button to give permission and install the add on.

After installing the add-on, you need to connect your website with Google Docs. To do so, click the Add-ons menu from the Google Docs menu bar and select for Google Docs and click the Open button.

The add-on will be launched on the right sidebar. Now start the authorization process by clicking on the Authorize button.

Now a new tab will open and if you give your account you will have to log in if you have not logged in before. Then you have to select your website from the drop-down menu. Then you have to authorize by clicking on the Approve button.

Now you will see in the add-on that your website has been added. However, if you want to add more websites, you can authorize other useful sites by clicking the Add WordPress Site button.

The process of adding add-ons to own hosted websites is the same. All you need to do is install and activate the Jetpack Plugin.

Now if you want to draft a document directly from Google Docs to your site, you can do it by clicking on the Save Draft button. After working again, if you click on the Update Draft button, the draft will be updated.

This add-on will do the work of formatting the document and transformation while keeping all the images intact while moving the draft from Google Docs to WordPress.

Some troubleshoot from own hosted sites websites are not supposed to be a problem with authorization, but there may be some issues with your own hosted WordPress sites. This add-on is new and of course, it has bugs, and the add-on is dependent on the Jetpack plugin. So many people are facing various problems including their website configuration, Jetpack plugin configuration. Below I have given some common solutions, I hope you find it useful

  • The website you want to use this feature on should be 3 days old or 72 hours old. This is because the Jetpack plugin has trouble getting authorized with the domain of the newly registered website.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the Jetpack plugin.
  • Disable all plugins except Jetpack, you can re-enable them later if the add-on works
  • If you are using Cloudflare Security, disable it too, you can enable it again later if the add-on works
  • Use the WordPress Default theme if possible, this type of problem may also be due to the theme.
  • If for any reason you do not get rid of the problem at all, contact your hosting provider.

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