Most WordPress users want to customize the theme of their site. But the problem is if someone customizes the theme, he will lose all the customizations if he ever updates his theme.

What is the child theme?

Child themes are developed based on the original theme. Here you can customize as you wish. You need to copy the file of the theme that you want to customize to the child theme.

Let’s see how to develop a child theme

First, you need to create a folder, the name of the folder will be themename-child. Think your theme name is tortoiz then your child theme name will be tortoiz-child. After creating the folder you must have to create two files inside the folder. 1/ style.css & 2/ fuctions.php. You have to write some code.



Now if want to customize any specific file of the main theme, you just have to copy the file into the child theme and you have to require the file in functions.php .

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