It is important to ensure some basic security for those who have developed websites in the new WordPress. Anyone who is not a good developer can comply with these security requirements. In this article, I have tried to discuss some of the basic security of the WordPress website.

Use a good quality web hosting:

Many people use low-cost or anonymous web hosting. These online hosting service providers cannot provide good security to the websites. It is seen that the websites in these hosting are often hacked. So the hosting service providers who are good and ensure the security of the site should take their services.

Keep WordPress up to date:

WordPress or WP updates them by fixing various bugs and bringing new features. WordPress sites are useful for the site to be updated as soon as these updates arrive. Hackers misuse old versions to find fault with them. So it is much safer to keep regular WordPress updates.

Use strong passwords:

If you want to keep your website secure from hacking you must have to use a strong password, otherwise, a hacker will hack your website easily by using a brute force attack. So you must have to use a strong password for your website. Example of a strong password: 8%saFan@15j58

Use well-codded theme and plugins:

Always use a well-codded theme and plugins, because if your theme and plugin didn’t main security rule to develop theme or plugin then your site can be hack easily. Always buy themes from trusted sellers. If you develop a theme or plugin then must follow the security rule and keep your theme and plugin safe.

Never use null theme and plugin:

There are many people who didn’t want to buy a theme or plugin, they collect theme and plugin from third party website. It’s very risky because most of the time hackers modify those themes and plugins and they inject hacking code into those themes and plugin. Then they submit those themes on those third party websites.

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