We make different blogs with a lot of effort. And many people want to keep their blog beautiful from spam or any unwanted links. It can be seen that there are many difficulties in managing these unwanted comment blogs. What he needs is Akismet Plugin API. Although Akismet Plugin API is given in the blog’s option, if you want to activate its API key, you have to buy its services at a very high price. It can be bought by the owners of many big blogs. But how to buy poor people like me. Activating the Akismet Plugin API is the main task of the first blog.

Let’s see how it can be taken for free. In fact, the new owners of the blog will be very happy to get it for free. Let’s see how to make it free.

Let’s see how to make it free.
1) First, visit the Akismet website here.
2) Click on Signup for Akismet in Avon.
3) Click on Personal Plan.
4) Make $ 0 / yr instead of $ 36 / yr here.

Now check your email. See if your Akismet Plugin API has arrived. Now configure the Akismet Plugin API key. Let me know if there is any problem with this comment. Thanks, everyone who.

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